How to mix superscript and normal reference number in a single word file?

I'm using zotero with word. In most places, I need reference number as superscript, in other places, I need normal reference number as normal text.

For example, in most places, it's like

blah blah blah ^[9]. (^ means superscript)

However, in some places, it's like

This is from literature [9].

I can modify them manually. However, if a new reference is added, the modification would disappear. Reference numbers becomes either all superscript or all normal, which depends on the style.

How can I solve this? Thank you.
  • Why exactly do you want to use two reference styles in one document?

    There is no way to do this automatically. The best recommendation is to use one style, then manually make the changes after you’re done writing and unlink the citations.
  • edited September 14, 2017
    It's a requirement of my school. In most cases, use superscript, and when refering like "from literature [9]", use normal text. I tried my best to use only superscript, but there are still some places need the normal text style.

    Severial days ago, I thought I have done writting, and manually edited them. Unfortunately, today I have to add a new reference, and I have to do the editing again. Now I'm looking for a do-it-once solution.
  • Sorry, there is no do-it-once solution yet. I can only recommend to you add to the "affected" citations any notes or highlight them by colour during writing text process and manually edit them as the last step before "submission".
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