Pre-fill entry field

Is it possible to pre-fill some entry field (such as the author suggestion we have when we start typing a letter in the author field).

I am using the extra field to give the original date of publication to biblatex (I export everything to biblatex). I enter "biblatex[origdate=1966]" very often in the extra field and would like to be able to have "biblatex[origdate=1966]" when I start typing "b" in the extra field and then, just have to modify the date.
  • Any other suggestion for saving time in this case is welcome.
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    I use a keyboard macro to automate the entry of things (short words and longer phrases) that I frequently type. Some operating systems have this as a built-in feature. I use an inexpensive commercial program for this on my Mac. This program isn't specific to Zotero but works with any and all programs. A simple example: when I type eP the result is ePub; when I type k-w-a-f (without the hyphens) the result is" Keywords: American football; " similarly k-w-s-s types "Keywords: Soccer " so that I can add an explainer to the abstract of articles about "football" that are authored by someone who didn't bother to be concerned with an international readership.

    edit {also k-w-a-u= Keywords: Australian football ; k-w-g-f= Keywords: Gaelic football -- each game has different rules and equipment with different risks of concussion and different paths to injury prevention. There are thousands of examples of article titles and abstracts with no hint of which game is the topic and hundreds where this is not stated in the body of the article. The only way to know is by interpreting the full text of the body of the article. }
  • (As an general recommendation, I would recommend using original-date: 1966 in Extra, rather than typing the biblatex directly. That should be exported correctly, and is also a few fewer characters to enter.)
  • BBT the
    original-date: 1966
    notation so you wouldn't even lose bibtex support.
  • (@bwiernik how do you get the grey inline text?)
  • code block

    pre block
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