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Is there any possibility to change the user directory, it have to be variable to work with various user? A other way is the choise of all-user folder.
  • What directory are you referring to? Zotero saves settings to the Zotero profile directory and data to the Zotero data directory. Both of those are within a user's home directory.

    If you're referring to Windows roaming profiles, a new option in 5.0.18 may be relevant.
  • Is there a possibility to predefine the directory? We have a gold image and the roll out was not successfull. The normal user has no admin user directory. We spoke about the standalone version.
  • I still don't know what directory you're referring to, but see my link for controlling the data directory with a command-line flag.
  • Thanks for helping but is there a possibility to define a variable storage place? in zotero options is the point storage place. We wll change ist for variable users.
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    Can we change the last used folder (installation user folder). Our problem are server saved profiles.
  • Could you maybe start by clarifying which folder you're actually referring to. Neither Dan nor I are clear about that. That'd have to be "profile" or "data". You can follow Dan's links to clarify what is what.
  • We have a VDI environment with 204 seats. Everything is based on a gold image where all desktops refer to the same folders (data and profile folder): error message coming from the fire fox browser "the zotero data directory could not be found. last data directory: c:\users\admin\Zotero." The last data directory has to be variable depending on the user wich is starting the application.
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    First, to be clear, since you refer to Firefox, you want to be using Zotero 5.0 at this point, not Zotero 4.0 for Firefox.

    Beyond that, obviously we don't know the details of your setup, but basically Zotero stores settings in a profile directory in the AppData folder in the current user's roaming profile, like any other program. Then, by default, it uses a "Zotero" data directory in the home directory, but if you use the '-datadir profile' command-line flag, as explained in the thread I linked to above, it will instead store data within the profile directory.

    If for some reason you can't use the AppData directory, you'd have to customize the -profile flag, which is the same as in Firefox, and then use '-datadir profile'.
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