Autonomous snapshots disappeared in Zotero 5

edited September 12, 2017

A useful feature has unfortunately disappeared with Zotero 5: the ability to take a snapshot of a website and to attach it with a reference, *independently* of adding a new one.

I explain. When I'm working on a reference already saved in my library, if I want to attach with it a new snapshot, I can't do it automatically. It often happens, for example when I want to archive the graphical evolution of a website.
There is only two workarounds: 1/ resaving the reference "with snapshot"; or 2/ taking a snapshot with Firefox, manually saving and attach it.
However, with Zotero 4 it was easy to do. We had just to select the reference and ask for snapshot.

How could retrieve this process with Zotero 5 ? Can we consider the option of adding a new item in the connector called "Attach a snapshot" ?
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