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Kitapyurdu.js is a translator for Turkish books. It is really necessary for us. However, we have a minor problem with it.

Kitapyurdu is an online bookstore. This site keeps the names of publishers in UPPERCASE. When Zotero imports information from this site, it transforms the names of pubhishers into Title format. At this point, a problem appears.

Turkish have capital and lower case forms of both "i" and "ı". So English do not have "İ" or "ı", Turkish alphabet contains "ı", "i", "I" and "İ". For example, the name of a publisher might be end with "... YAYINLARI" such as İZ YAYINLARI, KABALCI YAYINLARI etc.

Zotero transforms capital "I" into "i", and the result would be "Yayinlari" whereas it should be "Yayınları".

Is there a way to solve this problem?
  • are all books on the site Turkish? If not, is there a way to tell whether a book is Turkish (for a computer -- obviously you can tell)?
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    Not all the books are Turkish, but overwhelming majarity is Turkish.
    There is no reason to think someone who import information of English, French or German books from Kitapyurdu because, as you know better than me, there are many other and better websites of bookstores. So, can be seen as a bookstore of Turkish books.
    However, there is also a way to distinguish between Turkish books and those of other languages.

    Language means in Turkish "Dil". If "Dil" is followed by "TÜRKÇE", it is a Turkish book.

    A Turkish Book:

    An English Book:
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    I think we might be able to work with that. The i is the only letter where this causes problems, yes? Everything else works?
  • So far, everything is fine except "ı" problem.
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    I am not sure that whether this thread is an appropriate place or not. But there is National Library of Turkey ( much better than National library provides publication place while kitapyurdu does not. In addition, National Library contains articles, whereas kitapyurdu does not.

    So, another translator for National Library (Milli Kütüphane) would also be very helpful.

    Edit: National Library contains 1,650,000 books, 1,550,000 articles, and 27,000 manuscripts.
  • We now have a translator for the Turkish national library (only books with MARC data, not the articles).
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    Thank you very much @zuphilip. It works very well.
    Just out of curiosity, when a book has been added to Zotero library, there appears also a sub-folder containing a note saying "the book contains index". I think it's not necessary.

    An example might be:

    I am very grateful for this translator.
    In the Turkish national library, [yayl.y.] stands for "no publisher". So it would be better that this abbreviation will not be imported.
    An example is:
  • The "the book contains index" note is from the "note" field in the catalog record. In can also contain more substantial information. We'll keep that. [yayl.y.] though does seem like a good candidate for removing @zuphilip
  • When clicking on a book on, the Zotero icon in the upper right corner turns into a book icon. But Zotero saves the book as a web page.
  • The problem on the site still persists. Zotero saves the books on this site as web pages. Since this site is indispensable for newly released Turkish books, your interest will be greatly appreciated.

    For a sample recording, you can click:
  • Zotero gives the following error report on this site (

    "An error occurred saving with Attempting to save using Embedded Metadata instead."
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