Add new attachment open a windows "open as"

edited September 16, 2017
Step to reproduce:
I am trying to add multiple audio files (.amr...) to an item. So I right-click on that item, select "Add attachment" and then Attach Link to file.
I then navigate to the folder containing the files I want to attached.
I select them all and click on "open".
The first item is added and then a pop up "Opening [file] ..." cf
What ever I will choose, the others files I have selected aren't attached.

This means that I can't attach multiple files at once, I can only attach them one by one.

More debugging steps:
This doesn't happen when I use .pdf and .txt
I choose another default programs than vlc (windows media player), but I still get the same pop up.

Any idea on how I can solve this?

Thanks a lot for your time an your help!

Zotero 5.0.17.
Windows 10
  • Apparently, I didn't do the debugging correctly. The "open as" pop up only appear on .amr files (.mp3 and .m4a are attached correctly).

    I simply converted all my .amr to .mp3 with Audacity, so I could get around the pop up. But the mystery about what how to import multiple .amr at once still remains.
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