folder import-export

My notices are dispatched in various folders and sub-folders in Zotero. Can I export a folder tree and import it with the same tree structure ? What is the export-import format to use ?
All the best. Gérald
(and thanks for your help to a user of this so powerfull tool !)
  • Zotero RDF can export the collection structure. But first, why do you want to export/import? That’s rarely the best course of action. What are you trying to accomplish?
  • I need to share a part of my collection to some users not using Zotero yet, they are not in a network (other than web). This part is 40Mo. I imagine building for them a new collection and sending it to them, to be their collection when starting using Zotero (sorry for my bad english). Two solutions : exporting-importing to build this new collection, or deleting from my original collection.
    Probably it is not the solution, I don't know another.
  • The fastest, easiest way to do this would be to use Zotero Groups.

    With a group, you can make a separate library from your own and share it with them. They can either continue to work with the items in the group library (so that you can also continue to add/edit items) or they can copy the collections to their personal libraries.

    (And no worries on English—if you prefer Spanish, German, or French, those are fine as well.)
  • Hum... très bien. Je ne connaissais pas cette fonctionnalité de Zotero. Et je ne doutais pas que l'outil fusse plus puissant que je l'imaginai. Je vais creuser la question. Cette solution semble être en effet la solution. Grand merci.
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