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Hello! I've used Zotero for Desktop for about a year and I recently fixed the problem of my cursor jumping around while typing in my normal word processors (Microsoft Word and Scrivener), by downloading and using TouchFreeze. However, TouchFreeze did not fix the cursor problem in Zotero. Can anyone please advise on how to do that?

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and use Firefox as my browser.


-Jake H.
  • * Zotero for Desktop= Zotero Standalone

  • When exactly is the cursor jumping around for you while using Zotero? And what version of Zotero are you using?
  • It is jumping around when I'm trying to take notes in the standalone note section, the child note section, or the note section for a PDF document indexed or non-indexed for a particular citation.

    I'm using Zotero 5.0.17
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    I'm using Zotero 5.0.27 on a Mac (Sierra 10.12.4) and this problem only started when I moved to this version of Zotero. What "jumping around" means for me is when I'm typing in a note, the text I just typed disappears, (or all the text disappears) and the cursor is suddenly at the top left corner of the note, not where I was just typing.

    It seems like Zotero "syncs" to a state that existed several seconds ago, not to what was just typed. For the first time several days ago I used my Zotero account on another computer. At around the same time I updated to Zotero 5.0, so it is hard to tell which of these changes might be making the problem.

    Any help or workaround would be appreciated.
  • We're trying to figure out exactly when this happens. If you're experiencing this, see my questions here and post in that thread with answers.
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