5 slower

Using 5.0.17

Since 5.* I find that Zotero takes longer to load my items when it starts (2195 items). Before it was very quick.

The right-click menu is slow too - I use it quite a lot to find titles but often have to wait a while before it comes up.

If these could be improved it would be nice.
  • We're working on improving startup speed.

    What right-click menu are you referring to?
  • Thanks - I just counted 46 seconds when starting up. I do have a few notes and attachments but not a lot.

    Right click - Retrieve metadata for PDF and Create Parent Item. But it just takes a while for the menu to open (not now I've just tested it, of course - immediate! but it often does)

    Having said this, Zotero is great, stable and so useful.
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