lastsync.txt not created


using the same client computer and the same webdav server, I notice that the lastsync.txt file is created by Zotero standalone version 4, but not by version 5. Did anyone have the same problem?
  • There's no lastsync file in Zotero 5.
  • OK, so PaperShip will have a problem with Zotero 5 ... it expects a lastsync.txt file, and it does not seem to be actively developed (last update May 2016).
  • Yes, I’ve stopped recommending PaperShip because it appears to be abandoned.
  • so is anyone aware of alternatives for iOS?
  • Using the web library or sending selected attachments to iCloud/Dropbox/etc. using Zotfile’s Send to Tablet feature are the available options.
  • This is a really disappointing outcome.
  • A quick and dirty fix for this is to create an empty lastsync.txt and keep removing the content of it via cronjob, so PaperShip will never know about last sync state. This seems to be working for me.
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