How To Move Items Between Collections with Copy or Cut/Paste

When you have many collections that require scrolling it is very difficult to move an item to a new collection or to copy it to the new collection. You would expect that a simply copy and paste would work, but for some reason, it is not implemented. It seems that this would be not difficult to do. You could either cut/paste to move the item or copy/paste to put the item into another collection. Hopefully, you could select multiple items to cut or copy/paste them. It is rather incomprehensible why this has not been implemented yet, as it is the biggest issue in working with large collections. Is this on a future roadmap? If not, it really should be.
  • Keyboard assignments to/removal from collections are planned, yes.
  • Can you edit your reply as "to/removal" doesn't make much sense to me. What I'm looking for is a keyboard assignment to the process of dragging or shift-dragging item(s) to another collection.
  • I think @adamsmith meant to say “to add/remove” items from collections. Better interaction with collections via the keyboard is planned.
  • yes, sorry, that was hard to read: Keyboard-based assignments of items to collections or removal from collections are planned.
  • Has this been implemented yet? Do we have an ETA? This is a nightmare when working with large collections with multiple subcollectoins.
  • No updates I'm afraid.
  • Likewise no copy/paste in 2022. This is a potential pain point for people who want to use the (apparently increasingly popular) Zettelkasten/slipbox method of note taking. Because it encourages putting all references in one place, you're more likely to end up with a process that requires a minimum of one GUI drag-n-drop per reference.

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    Copy/Paste isn't supported, but there's now an "Add to Collection" context-menu option in the items list.
  • > "Add to Collection" context-menu option

    That is a handy alternative!

    I feel like if the Zotero clipboard supported items, Zutilo would soon have a "relate items in clipboard" function.
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