Don't import DOIs from JSTOR?

JSTOR frequently creates ID numbers for its articles that resemble DOIs, but are not registered with an DOI registrar (e.g., has the internal ID: 10.2307/20003731). I don't know why JSTOR thinks this is a good idea. Zotero imports these as DOIs. As a result, my library has a lot of DOI fields filled with broken DOIs.

I think that importing fake DOIs into users' databases is a much bigger problem than not importing a valid DOI, as I don't imagine many users are going to check to see whether the imported DOIs are valid. So, I propose not importing DOIs from JSTOR at all. If JSTOR uses a consistent prefix for this fake DOIs (e.g., maybe "10.2307"), perhaps the translator could instead only discard these DOIs?
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