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I'm using Google Chrome and found that the connector only gives you a snapshot of the web page when searching in Inspec (on the new Engineering Village platform).
Please help :)
  • Same for Firefox. (I'm using 55.0.3.)

    This is time-sensitive for my library/campus. Should I be contacting Elsevier too?
  • No, this is likely on our end, thanks.
  • Hi @adamsmith, I was just about to ping Engineering Village about this myself - the broken connector is a problem here as I teach students about these two products. I am happy to sit on this if this is a Zotero problem, but also happy to write a strongly-worded email if this is on Elsevier. Please advise.
  • yes, not Elsevier's fault. You can work around this using the "Download" button and selecting EndNote or BibTex as a format and My Computer as location, then opening the file with Zotero. Not as elegant, but works.
  • @adamsmith - sure, we can also get metadata from the full-text provider. Is a fix in the works?
  • On the agenda, yes; in the works, technically not, but once I start working on it the fix will be live within a day or two.
  • edited September 17, 2018
    Hi everyone - it's been a year (happy anniversary), and as far as I can tell Zotero still cannot pull information from Engineering Village, even on the full record page. I'm guessing this is not a solvable problem. cc @adamsmith
  • This should now be fixed after updating translators. Search results are likely a bit wonky in EV, but should generally work. If they don't try reloading the page.
  • Great news @adamsmith! Thanks!
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