How do I move collections from my library to a group library?

How do I move collections from my library to a group library? I need to move two collections from my library to my work's group library and I can't figure out how to do so. Help? Thanks!
  • You can do this in the Zotero app by dragging the collection between libraries. You can't do this on the web library.
  • Thank you! Which app are you referring to? I tried both ZotPad and PaperShip but couldn't seem to drag the collections on either of them. Thanks again.
  • The Zotero desktop app. Zotero is primarily intended to be used as a locally installed app on your computer. The web library has only a fraction of the full program functionality.
  • Thank you! I was able to figure it out.
  • I'm trying to move collections with subcollections from a Group Library to My Library and it basically does nothing. In other words, I grad a collection in a Group Library, drag it over to hoovering on a collection in My Library until it is highlighted blue, then I let go, and nothing happens.
  • What exactly do you mean "nothing happens". It should copy the collection over to My Library. Ensure that My Library is expanded by clicking the little arrow next to My Library. If dragging the collection isn't adding it to My Library, then please submit a Debug ID for an attempt to drag a collection to My Library that fails.
  • By nothing happens I mean the collection doesn't get moved and nothing seems to happen. Sort of a drag but don't drop operation. I tried the Debug thing and there was a submit error. Here is a link to the file, though:

  • Can you email the Debug log to with a link to this thread?
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    @drhardy: You had an ongoing sync while generating that Debug ID. Can you make sure syncing has finished and then provide another Debug ID that shows this?
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    Also, just to note, if you've already dragged the collection to a given library once, you can't drag it again — you'd need to delete it first in the target library. (We'll improve this in the future to make it easier to apply updates across libraries.)
  • That's the problem then. I have those collections already in the library, just as sub-collection under other collections. I'm sort of using My Library as one place to backup my collections in my Group Libraries. I guess I can only have one back version at a time. Thanks!
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