Bug in Word Plugin on Mac? In fullscreen mode, popup appears on different screen

I have a problem with the word plugin on macOS. Not sure whether this can be fixed but when word is in fullscreen mode and I press "Add/Edit Citation", the popup appears and on a different space and macOS automatically moves there. That is pretty annoying for working in fullscreen mode. Any way to fix that?
  • I'm afraid we will not be able to address this anytime soon. Technically the citation dialogue is a "Zotero window". Because it does not belong to the fullscreen word application, macOS automatically switches you to the workspace where Zotero is allowed to be displayed. I had a quick look over the options we have for controlling new windows and it doesn't seem that there's anything available at the moment to make this act properly.
  • I have the same problem. Similarly, when you use the Zotero Quicklook plugin when Zotero is in full-screen mode, the quicklook window appears on a non-full screen space.
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