Exporting Collection Structure

Is there a way to export the structure that I use (collection organization)? I'd like to use the same for other applications, without having to recreate it all by hand. Thanks.
  • For example, into a word document, a similar structure of folders in dropbox, or (best of all) Devonthink entries.
  • While you can export Zotero items with their collections (using Zotero RDF), I'm afraid the answer for your purposes is no.

    The only thing that I could possibly see working is to use ZotFile to replicate the collection structure as folders (which would then also hold files)
  • Thanks for responding.
  • Is there a way to export the collections as a word document?
    I have organised collections for a paper and wish to put all the references within their collections as subheadings. This is a multi-nested setup with 5 layers and 4-10 sub groups within each layer.
  • You can generate a report from your collection and save that (make sure to select "HTML only"); word can read HTML.
  • (not sure whether that'll nest the heading though)
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