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Dear Zotero:) I have two questions for you:
With your new update the icon for preferences is gone and hidden beneath menu items "edit" on PC and under "zotero" on mac. I guess there is a logical reason for this, but I ask anyway: Any change you can move it back to the front so we (and many others) dont have to make new instruction videoes to our students?

The language setting for norwegian is gone. Do you thing that will be back shortly or is that gone for good?

Best regards
Anne Brit Ingholm
Mailand upper secondary school
  • 1. No -- the preferences used to be there because that was the only way to access them in Firefox. With the Firefox version gone, they're now in the standard location for preferences in any software in a given operating system.

    2. Language setting where?
  • 1. Ok
    2. The language for the fields for author, itemtype, date etc has been on norwegian earlier, but no there is no option to choose that from the advanced setting now. Only danish of the scandinavian languages. We would very much like norwegian to be an option if possible and if that is something you control:)

    Best regards
    Anne Brit

  • I can also see that the Language menu in the Advanced Preferences only has 37 options in the latest 5.0 beta, rather than the 45 locales listed on GitHub.
  • Only 60% of Zotero strings are translated in the Nynorsk locale and 45% in BokmÃ¥l, so we disabled those in Zotero 5.0. For languages from countries with lower English proficiency, we disable locales below 50% or so, but for Norwegian I think a higher percentage makes sense, since for many Norwegian users an incomplete, unmaintained locale will just be worse than English. (You may have a different perspective in an upper secondary school, of course, but many Zotero users are going to be grad students or out of school.)

    If you want to help translate Zotero, you can join the Norwegian team on Transifex. It looks like there's been very little interested in translating Zotero into Norwegian, with only one person contributing to the two locales.
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