Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting (Sage)

My hope for success is slim but I hope that something can be done.

Clicking on a title automatically downloads the PDF document.

To obtain metadata I must: download the pdf; drag the file to Zotero; retrieve metadata from the pdf; then return to the Sage website, select show abstract, copy the abstract, paste the abstract into Zotero.

The html is crazy. It appears that the entire conference proceedings (2000+ pages) are all on the single web page. The first 11,000+ lines are all devoted to various CSS and scripts. Upon reaching the article titles there is more code to allow author information and more with a mouse-over. Lots of calls to other files.
  • It seems as SAGE has no good web, but you can use one "hack":
    1. Open any article what you need. For example the first article in Volume 60, Issue 1 has URL
    2. From the URL delete "/pdf" and press Enter (open URL
    Now you are in the HTML version of this article and you can easily use import article directly to Zotero by the connector.

  • yes, what LiborA says -- I think that may actually just be an oversight on Sage's part -- there's one link on the page that does go to the html version (and the html as well as the abstract page version exists for all items there). Might be worth asking about.

    That said, we also do want to start supporting getting full metadata & PDF when saving from PDF pages as often as possible, and given how the Sage pages are structures, it's definitely possible there.
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