How to tag a government publication?

I'm having difficulties figuring out how to properly tag documents issued by the government.

One example is the "National Inventory Report" from the Australian Government, which should in my opinion be a book.

I has no ISBN, but is divided in three volumes, and is supposed to be updated every year.

It states the following:

"This report should be attributed as ‘National Inventory Report 2015 Volume 2, Commonwealth of Australia 2017’."

Is the "Commonwealth of Australia" supposed to be the publisher? And the author/contributor/editor field should be left blank?

Similarly, another government publication, the National Greenhouse Accounts Factors:

It is a publication that gets updated every year. It has an ISSN.
It states that it is "Published by the Department of the Environment and Energy."
But it also is "© Commonwealth of Australia 2017". Where should that copyright holder be? It is also considered a book, or should it just be a document?

  • Either Book or Report would be reasonable for these. If you use Report and want to store the ISBN or volume numbers, you can enter into Extra like this:
    ISBN: 97819248261
    volume: 3

    If there are no named authors, I would recommend storing the publisher/copyright holder as an institutional (single field) author—click the little bar icon at the right side of the name field to switch to single field mode.
  • Thank you very much for your input, @bwiernik ! I went with the book option, as it gives me more relevant fields, with copyright holder as single-field author, and publisher if known.
    I stored the ISSN into the ISBN field (I assume that is common practice?).
  • You should store the ISSN in Extra like this:
    ISSN: 1234-5678
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