ScienceDirect article not saving to My Library

Zotero 5.0.17, Connector 5.0.18, Firefox 55.0.3

Clicking on this article pops the "Saving to My Library" but without article title, and nothing happens in the library:

This article saves fine:
  • It seems as all articles from this volume cannot be saved to the Zotero (I have tested 3 others articles)
  • That's a problem with the ScienceDirect site. If you try to export RIS or BibTeX (or even text) for that first item, you can see that there's no data. The best we could do here is display the save error message immediately.
  • Importing with doi works correctly. Can be ScienceDirect translator set to use DOI if the RIS export is empty?
  • @dstillman, would be useful to have a general fix (not just this issue) where bad or missing metadata pops a warning, rather than what seems like saving but nothing happens.

    Not too bothered if no fix is provided specific to this incident since this could just be a glitch for a volume (and SD might fix it at their end).
  • Yes, we're planning some architectural changes to how translators are written (using "promises", in technical terms) that should better allow problems like this to trigger the error popup.
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