Selected items not highlighted [resolved]

edited August 29, 2017
With current Zotero (5.0.17) I am experiencing an interface problem:

When I select a collection or an individual Zotero item, this selection is not highlighted by a different coloring, but simply with a grey (in case of selections) or yellow (in case of items) dotted line. This is barely visible, which already poses a usability problem. But I am having real trouble using Zotero whenever I select multiple items, since only the last selected will have this dotted outline. All other selected items are not highlighted at all. There is no way for me to tell, which items are highlighted.

Is this something that may come from Zotero itself? Or should I look for some settings elsewhere?

Thanks a lot in advance!
  • What version of which OS are you running? Any weird theme settings?
  • I guess I should have figured it out myself. Thanks for pointing me to the general theme. It's flat but did not pose any issues elsewhere. I did not consider it, since I did not have the problem with the 4.x versions of Zotero. I guess something with regard to selections must have changed. Anyways, changing the theme solved my issue. Sorry for the noise and thanks a lot!
  • Out of curiosity, what OS and what theme was it?
  • I am using the Gnome desktop environment on Debian Stretch. I was using an outdated version of the Flat-Plat GTK+ theme. I updated and moved to the blue version, which does not produce any of these issues.
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