Alternatives to WebDAV

Zotero supports syncing using WebDAV. Many open-source WebDAV services and open-source networking software runing on users' devices rely on the SabreDAV open-source WebDAV package for their underlying WebDAV services.

Recently SabreDAV's developer ceased support for SabreDAV (see, and it seems likely this will affect many users of open-source WebDAV and therefore many Zotero users.

This leads to two questions. (1) Are there good alternatives to SabreDAV that users can easily substitute on their devices in the short run? (2) Perhaps more importantly, are there plans to add other protocols with similar functionality (e.g., FTP) to Zotero so that Zotero syncing is not so dependent (albeit indirectly) one particular piece of software ?
  • No, we don't have plans to support other protocols, and the premise of the question doesn't really make sense. WebDAV is an open standard based on HTTP — it's not going anywhere, and it's far simpler, more modern, and more secure than FTP. It can also be provided by any standard Apache installation (via mod_dav), which is about as ubiquitous as server software can get. There's no reason the discontinuation of one PHP-based server package should affect use of the WebDAV protocol.
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