edited August 23, 2017
Using Zotero 5 on Win 10 PC and Surface via Zoteros own cloud. Now Z on Surface has started to constantly warn about erroneous sync. Gave me the error number and adviced to send a report, if problem persists and in case restarting was to no avail, so here we are.

Changes to a pdf did sync, however. But the exclamation mark next to the sync button still persists. And I am not sure, if there's some info only in Z on Surface that's not on any other instance.

There are, of course, ways to reset/restore. But I did not dare to proceed without asking here first.
  • Please don't use any of the reset/restore options at the moment (you are absolutely correct that you shouldn't use those unless instructed to, as they often won't help and might make the problem harder to solve).

    What exactly is the sync error you are receiving? Can you copy/paste the error text and also submit an Error Report (in the Help menu) and post the ID number here?
  • Thanks!

    I already submitted the report by the number stated in the headline of this thread.

    There was no specific error text. Just "Sync error, try syncing again after restarting the computer."
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