[Report ID: 843276920] Zotero 5.0.13 crashed on program start

Report ID: 843276920
Zotero 5.0.13 (updated from 5.0.12 at program start)

When I started Zotero, it ran the updater bu ended up showing an error in the center pane. The right pane was counting items, but no meta data was shown. Restarted Zotero and it worked fine, but I thought I'd still report this if it helps.
  • ReferenceError: module is not defined" {file: "chrome://zoteroscholarcitations/content/scripts/zoteroscholarcitations.js
    You're getting an error from the Scholar Citations plugin.
  • Thanks, Dan. Any recommended further action or just ignore?

    Zotero is working after I restarted it. Also, the plug-in seems to be working; I right-clicked an item and was able to update it's citation count.
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    You can ignore if things are working now, but if you continue to have problems, that's a likely cause, and you'd need to report that error to the developer.
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