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Hi. I use Zotero for a couple of months only.
I am both an Author and an Editor
I am Russian native. Many papers in Russian were translated to English.
When I submit paper to Russian journals I use Russian citation. When I submit paper to world journals I have to use translated references.
I use two collections in Russian and in English for references. They duplicate each other and database becomes larger.

Q1. Is it possible to make improvement of Zotero for storing ONE reference information in different languages with switching if necessary?

Q2. If it is difficult, is it possible to add feature to create quickly NEW LIBRARY and to switch between libraries inside Zotero interface if necessary?

Q3. Is there shared user-add Zotero library to which I can connect with Zotero to find references I need?

Sincerely yours
Andrey Kuzmin
  • Check out the Juris-M program, a fork of Zotero that was designed for enhanced multi-lingual and legal citations.
  • bwiernik: Thank you. Tried it. Unfortunatelly, it could not connect to my existing Zotero database.
  • What do you mean exactly? Juris-M can import and update an existing Zotero database. Were you using Zotero 5.0? If so, be sure that you also install the 5.0 version of Juris-M.
  • @dr_avk: A complete updated release of Juris-M and its browser connectors, based on Zotero 5.0, will be published soon. We have done multiple installs locally over Zotero databases, without any problems. I will post back to this thread when the release is ready -- if you are working the multiple languages, I think you will find that Juris-M satisfies most of your requirements.
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    I installed Zotero 5
    I installed JurisM 5.0 alpha
    When I tried to select Zotero directory as user folder it said:
    I clicked Yes
    Database is empty.
    But Zotero db is not empty
    I exported library from Zotero to RDF data and tried to import them into JurisM
    I clicked Report Errors as showed in screen:
    Then I clicked Next


    Finally I tried to sync Zotero with account, add account to JurisM and sync back.
    This was only way for success.

    However, I usually do not upload my data on the inet.

    Syncerely yours

  • Noted that imports didn't work for you. I will check this in the latest version, but export/import should be avoided as a means of migrating a library, since it will break any existing documents linked to it.

    If you wait for the main JM5 release, it may do a better job of mapping to your existing Zotero directory; but you can manually select it as well.

    In Zotero (not Juris-M), open Preferences -> Advanced and click on the "Files and Folders" tab. Click on the "Show data directory" button. That will bring up the file manager (or the Finder, on a Mac). Make a note of the path to the directory.

    Close Zotero.

    Open Juris-M, open Preferences -> Advanced, and click on the "Files and Folders" tab. Select "Custom" under the "Data files and directories" heading, click on the "Choose" button, and navigate to the Zotero directory.

    After setting the data directory, restart Juris-M, and it should prepare a Juris-M-compatible copy of your data, and open with the library populated.
  • (If you no longer have Zotero installed, you can search for the data folder by searching your files for "zotero.sqlite.")
  • @fbennett
    I did definitely you wrote.
    Juris-M did not find information in Zotero folder!
    In my previous post I give links to screens - after setting custom folder - after restarting Juris-M: database is EMTPY
  • To avoid further confusion, please wait until the full JM5 release is available, in about one more day.
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