Reorganize panels of Zotero main window


Zotero is became totally standalone (thank you very much to the team for the wonderful job for the version 5 !). From now, it won't display as a panel in Firefox anymore, but always in full screen in his own window. If it's suitable for large screens, it's not true for small ones. I think that placing three panels side by side is not fully appropriate anymore, each one is undersized and difficult to read.

I wonder how it could be improved. Personally, I would be glad to use Zotero if the right-hand panel was placed under the middle one (and the left-hand panel would stay as a left column). Little like a classic webmail interface.

I've some questions :
* Do you know somebody who has already tried ?
* Do you think it could be easily feasible ?
* Do you have some ideas or advices to help me in trying it ? Which file define the panels organisations (I gave a look on the github repository but without success) ?
* Do you think such a feature could be packed in a Appearance add-on ?

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions

PS : It seems to me that such a subject was already discussed in this forum, but I don't find any topic about it... if yes, I'm sorry.
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