Accidently deleted collection with many sub-folders, how do I restore it!?

I accidently deleted one of my collections in Zotero. I've restored all the references from the trash, but the collection's folder structure has disappeared. I'm assuming it doesn't get 'saved' when the collection goes to the recycle bin. Is there anyway to restore it? It's pretty detailed so it would be very annoying if I lost it.
  • Oh, Zotero hasn't synced yet, so the old collection folder structure is still showing up on
  • I managed to restore from server - great feature - so everything is back to normal - phew!
  • Hey guys, just had a similar thing happen; accidentally deleted my whole collection instead of only a single file. Where can I find and how can I restore my collection?
    I am really desperate have my deadline tomorrow!
  • You could check if it's still available online. Otherwise, restoring from the last automatic back-up should work:

    Also, note that you almost certainly only deleted the collection as a tool for organization; the invidual items are still in your library.
  • Are there any new plans to simply implement an undo function, or an undelete function for folders? It is not really logical that deleted references go into Trash, but an entire folder is deleted without any straightforward way to restore it.
  • Items in the "folder" (collection) aren't deleted from the library. The organizational structure signified by the folder is removed after you approve the action via the warning box. If you both deleted the collection _and_ the items in the collection, the items will be found in the trash.
  • Are there any new plans to simply implement an undo function, or an undelete function for folders?
    @rickus: Yes.
  • just happened to me too... how about that Undo for an accidental deletion of a collection?
  • I second the undo button request echoed throughout here. We appreciate the Zotero team's efforts and beg that this, please, be done for us. Otherwise, simple schoolboy mistakes on our part will be tremendous for some and be counter-productive to the point of zotero/JurisM.
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