Add Style Editor/Preview to Tools menu

Could the Style Editor and Style Preview be added to the Tools menu in Zotero 5.0? They're currently a bit hidden in the preferences (Preferences>Cite tab>Style tab>Tools header), and it would be faster if I could open them via the menu. Would be more discoverable too.
  • This is a great suggestion. Is there no other way to access the preview pane?
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    Some more related UI requests:

    * It would be more straightforward if users could update their citation styles from within the Cite/Styles tab where the Style Manager is, instead of having to go over to General. Maybe the preference for translators/styles could be split in two ("Automatically check for updated translators" and "Automatically check for updated styles"), and the latter could be moved over to the Cite/Styles tab, along with its own "Update now" button?
    * It might also be nice to have a right-click menu for the styles in the Style Manager, with options such as "Open in Style Editor" (which can pre-select the style in the style editor when it opens) and "Delete".
  • Somewhat unrelated, but I'm also seeing some weird flickering of the side-bar in the Style Manager in Zotero 5.0.24 on macOS 10.13, regardless of where my cursor is hanging out. See

    I haven't tried restarting my system yet, but maybe somebody else is seeing this too?
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    Bump. (@dstillman et al., even if my feature requests aren't implemented, it would already greatly boost my morale to hear whether you deem them desirable or not)

    (also still seeing the flickering in 5.0.27)
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