non-reciprocal relationships between items

Related items are supposed to be reciprocal (re: In my library, they generally are, but I have a case where this is not the case. I did a database integrity check, which found no errors. How might this have happened? I use the related items feature a lot, and I rely on it being reciprocal.
  • If you remove and re-add the item I assume it's correct? If this is 5.0, it's possible it was a side effect of the upgrade process (which had to change a lot of things about related items). Unless it's an ongoing problem, I wouldn't worry about it, though obviously if you can repeat a case where that occurs, we'd want to know.
  • I removed the relationship, then re-added it. It is showing as reciprocal now. It is in 5, but I added the relationship after upgrading to 5. If it happens again, I'll report it here.
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