[5.0.11] My Publications does not sync when upgrading from Zotero Firefox to Standalone

At my work, I moved from Zotero Firefox to Zotero 5.0 Beta, and eventually Zotero 5.x. I am currently at 5.0.11. I had set up the My Publications feature while I was on Beta.

This past weekend, at my home, I moved from Zotero Firefox to Zotero 5.0.11. I noticed the My Publications folder/collection at home is empty and is prompting me to redefine which items are created by me. Shouldn't My Publications have synced after the update?
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    Has your sync process finished on your new computer? What happens if you run a full manual sync? And do the My Publications items show up correctly on zotero.org?
  • There was hardly anything to sync, since the Zotero Firefox at home was already fully synced. Everything except My Publications looks fine and synced between home and work.

    What's a full manual sync? I clicked the sync button a couple times.

    My Publications on zotero.org look fine.

  • Yeah, I suspect there's a bug here where, since 4.0 doesn't support the My Publications item flag but the items were otherwise in sync, that flag never makes it down to a client you upgrade later. That's not something we'll fix, since you're probably the only person who will experience it.

    You can try Reset Data Sync History from the Sync -> Reset pane of the preferences, though I'm not sure if that will help.

    If that doesn't work, you can try adding all the items in My Publications to a temporary collection and syncing (and then removing the collection). That will cause all those items to be marked as updated, which should cause the My Publications flag on them to sync down to the other computer.
  • Thanks, @dstillman . Any risk of creating new problems from resetting data sync history, or is it harmless?

    I could also just drag-drop the items to the My Publications at home, right? All of them show up in a saved search with myself as author. Will this create a sync conflict, and thus the temp collection method you suggest is better?
  • Resetting data sync history should be pretty harmless, but I don't think it will actually help here anyway.

    The items are currently considered in-sync on your home computer, so if you make local changes (like dragging them to My Publications), I believe those changes should upload without conflict.
  • Resetting data sync history did nothing.

    I did a drag-drop of the items from a saved search to My Publications. So far, everything looks fine.
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