"Create Zotero Item and Note from Selection" missing from Z5 standalone?

While using the new Z5 standalone, I just discovered there is no more possibility to select text in the website or in pdf file opened in browser and save the selection into Zotero note. Is this a bug?
  • This doesn't currently exist in the connectors, and it was a pretty rarely used feature, I think, so I'm not sure if/when they'll make it over. Is this something you used a lot?
  • Yes, please add it back - I have personally used it almost daily since the beginning of starting using Zotero (it is what, already 10 years by now?).

    For example, I have separate thematic folders where I collect quotations directly from different news sources (e.g. when there is an interesting article and relevant piece of information let's say in NYT, then I select the relevant passage and add it to Zotero by using this function).

    I'm pretty sure (at least I do hope so) that many others are also collecting their notes from websites this way, because it is indeed a very neat and easy way to organise information when the source is website, or PDF file opened directly in the browser.

    So yes, I would be extremely-extremely grateful if this could be re-added! Otherwise I will lose a significant part of my effective and everyday workflow (and I guess need to start looking elsewhere).
  • I second that. plus one for that feature!
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    Any news on restoring this functionality? It really is impeding my working process, as it takes now multiple 'clicks' and manual copy-pasting of the text from one window into another.
  • Didn't know this functionality ever existed, but sure seems valuable to add back. Would certainly use it.
  • Plus one. I used this feature all the time and am disappointed that it isn't available anymore. This feature allows me (and my students) to conduct more focused research methods. It's odd that the context menu in Zotero 5.0.21 is still partially displayed but has no functionality. Does this suggest that the developers intend to restore the feature? Does anyone know of a hack that can restore it?
  • Any news on restoring this function?

    It really hampers my workflow now, since I have to manually to 3 extra steps (add new note to the Zotero item, go back to the browser and copy text selection, and go back to Zotero note item to paste it).
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    "Create Zotero Item and Note from Selection" is now available in the latest beta of the Zotero Connector for Firefox. (There's no beta for Chrome, but it'll be in the next connector release, probably within a couple weeks.)

    When using it with Zotero 5.0.43, the note won't show up in the save popup, but that'll be fixed in the next Zotero version.

    We're still planning to restore "Add Selection to Zotero Note", but that one requires some more significant technical changes and isn't available yet.
  • Great, many thanks! Seems to be working now in websites without any problems. Does not work though when the .pdf file is opened inside the browser, but so far so good!
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