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I need help for an import problem. I have a list of notices in excel, one per line, including the file name of the pdf document. I want to import all these notices and associated file. They are 4000, I cannot do it one by one. Do you know a method to do this ?
I searched building a libtex format file but, I succeed importing notices with one click, but not the associated files.
Thanks for your help
  • What's the bibtex you have come up with so far (for one item)? Are all the PDFs in the same folder on your computer?
  • Yes, I have built one line of bibtex per item. In my Excel file, I have the name of the corresponding file. All the files are in the same folder in my computer.
  • Could you post a single bibtex example here?
  • Here is an exemple :
    @article {Aans_1969, title = {Aphyllophorales on wooden fences in Norway}, volume = {17}, journal = {Windhalia}, author = {Aanstad, S. and Ryvarden, L.}, year = {1987}, pages = {49-54} }
  • you'll need to add something likes this:
    , file = {entryname:filepath:mimeType}
    file = {Publication bias in the social sciences:C\:\\Users\\username\\Desktop\\Publication bias in the social sciences.pdf:application/pdf}

  • Yes it works. Thanks a lot !!!
  • Another problem.

    When generating a libtex file with several files entries, some files do not work and the import fails because of file name not recognize (the msg is in french : Une erreur s'est produite lors de la tentative d'importation du fichier sélectionné. Veuillez vérifier que le fichier est valide et réessayez.). Is there a rule for files names (accent permited for exemple ?). My files are valid files name, I can access them with the windows navigator.

    I have check with a file name with only some letters zzz.pdf it works but with a file name like this, it fails : file = {pdf_file:I\:\\Fichiers PDF aphyllo non liés à notice\\Zhao 2013 - Yuchengia, new polypore genus from Perenniporia - Nord J Bot 31 331–338.pdf:application/pdf}

    Do you have an idea to start me again ?
    All the best, Gérald
  • and you're sure the filename is right? Details matter, e.g. 331–338 has an en dash, things like that. Accents are always tricky, but it doesn't look like the file in your example has one?
  • Hello
    My problem was because of hidden informations in the Excel field. When using directly the file name (cut and paste from navigator), no problem.
    Thanks again for your help. Gérald
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