Zotero Connector does not add items via proxy; Error Report ID: 1394844581


I just installed Zotero 5 and Firefox Connector. It does not save articles that I open through the university library proxy. Example:
This link accesses an article through proxy http://www.jstor.org.proxy.lib.uiowa.edu/stable/2780779?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents
When I click "save to Zotero (JSTOR)" - it shows the little window "Saving to My Library" at the bottom right corner of the screen, but it does not save the item.
When I click "save to Zotero (DOI)" - the message at the bottom right corner says "An error occurred while saving this item. See Troubleshooting Translator Issues for more information."
When I click "save to Zotero (Embedded Metadata)/(Webpage)" it does save it to Zotero as a webpage.
Error Report ID: 1394844581

This is the link to the same article without proxy.
When I click "save to Zotero (DOI)" - it shows the same error message as above.
But when I click "save to Zotero (JSTOR)" - it saves the item to Zotero just fine.

The thing is that to see the full text and download PDFs, I need to log in to JSTOR and other sources through my library proxy. But then I cannot save items to Zotero.

I did try Reset and Update Translators.

Please advise how I should proceed.

Thank you!

  • [JavaScript Error: "No items returned from any translator"]
    [JavaScript Error: "DOI Translator: could not find DOI"]

    With the proxy I have this works as expected. Try updating translators from Zotero 5 Preferences -> General and then Zotero Connector Preferences -> Advanced. If that doesn't help could you submit a Debug ID for an attempted save with the JSTOR translator from the Connector?
  • (The DOI problem is expected. I still don't quite get what JSTOR is thinking by using unregistered DOIs)
  • Hi adamsmith!

    Thank you for your reply. Updating translators did not help.

    Here is the Debug ID D583500441.

    Another thing I noticed: when I am trying to save an item through proxy as "save to Zotero (JSTOR)" - it does not actually report any errors. It shows the little window "saving to MyLibrary," which then disappears, but nothing is saved to Zotero.

    Thank you.
  • do other proxied sites import correctly?
  • It depends. American Journal of Sociology behaves the same way as JSTOR. Saving from Springer did work correctly though (and it even attached a PDF).
  • @OlgaN the Debug ID is from Zotero client. Could you instead produce one from Zotero extension in the browser (described how on that same page)?
  • @OlganN what are the settings under "Privacy" in the Firefox preferences (you can get there by putting about:preferences#privacy in the URL bar and pressing return).
    If they're anything other then "Remember History" could you try (temporarily) setting it to remember history and see if that helps?
  • Hi adomasven,

    The Connector Debug ID is D324978647. Sorry for the confusion.


    Changing privacy settings helped! It saves properly now. I used to have custom settings for cookies. It is interesting that the same settings did work with Zotero for Firefox but apparently do not work with Zotero Connector.

    Thank you!
  • edited August 15, 2017
    (In case you want to keep more restrictive cookie settings) I believe if you add
    as exceptions that always allow cookies, that should work (but I haven't tested -- would be curious to hear back)
  • adamsmith,
    Yes, adding exceptions works!
    Thank you!
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