Safari connector not recognizing item types?

Using Safari connector 5.0.17, Zotero 5.0.10, and MacOS Sierra, the Safari connector button/icon in my Safari toolbar is there, but it no longer changes to reflect the item types in my browser window. (I used to get a little "article" icon, or a folder, or a newspaper, or a book, etc. so I'd know it "knew" what kind of thing it was looking at.) Now the connector button is just a "blank page" icon, and it saves everything as a webpage, even items in JSTOR, Google Scholar, Project MUSE, and other databases I never had trouble with before. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the connector a couple of times, no luck.
  • Now I'm seeing other strange things, too.

    a) When I use the connector, it downloads a web page (as I said above) AND a file whose icon is the old "webpage" icon and whose title is "AddThis Utility Frame."
    b) I can add a "note" to a newly downloaded item, but that's it: clicking on "Untitled Note" in the details pane doesn't allow me to type in the note, edit the note, etc.
  • Ok, good news, problems a) and b) in the comment seemed to have fixed themselves. Still having the original problem I posted about: connector not recognizing item types.
  • right-click anywhere on a webpage and select “Zotero Preferences…” -- what does it say under "Zotero Standalone"?

    Try resetting translators from the advanced tab of the Zotero Standalone preferences (i.e. not the ones in Safari)
  • Hmm. I see "Zotero" when I right-click, and under "advanced" I see the option to "Report broken site translators to" –– that checkbox is ticked. And under that I see "Update translators" and "Reset translators" options. I skipped those options and went to Zotero's own preferences. I have "Automatically check for updated translators and styles" checked. And under Advanced, Files and Folders, Database maintenance, I clicked "reset translators." I hope that's what you meant.
  • BOOM. Fixed. It takes a second for the connector button/icon to switch from the generic icon to the icon appropriate for the item type in the browser window, but it's working. Thanks so much!
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