Errors in Zotero Connector with Firefox v. 55


I suspect the new Zotero plugin (Connector) of considerably slowing down my Firefox v55. When I use it to add references from Amazon and Google Books, Firefox becomes very sluggish. This was never the case with the old addon. To be fair, Firefox v55 is slower than v54 anyway; I just think that the Connector slows it down even more.

Also, the BibTeX imports from Google Books now happen automatically, but the added reference does not go on the selected collection. Instead it goes in the "unfiled items". The previous addon used to add items to the collection that was selected.

Could you please check these two issues?

Please see report 11115227.
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    Why are you importing bibtex from google books rather than using the save to Zotero button?
  • Because they give different metadata, with the metadata of the BibTeX button being more comprehensive.

    Please see for yourself:
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    by more comprehensive, are you referring to anything other than the series? The publisher info seems ambiguous, not sure why it's different in the two locations.

    @dstillman any reason the bibtex/ris import from the connector doesn't go into the currently selected collection?
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    Actually, in this case, the Zotero button has more metadata. In my experience, it's the other way around, and that's why I've been using the Bibtex button.

    Another minor reason is that using the Zotero button results in the URL being a link attached to the parent item of the reference. I want the URL to be in the URL field of the metadata.

    P. S. : In the example I posted, the publisher info coming from the Zotero button is wrong. Also, the "authors" are not really authors but editors, something that the Zotero button gets wrong, but the bibtex button gets right.
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