Multi-monitor setup and tag context menu placement [Zotero 5.0.10]

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When using two monitors like this:

[ 2 ]
[ 1 ]

on Windows 10 (a laptop on the bottom and an extra screen on top, vertical placement), right click on tag always results in a context menu appearing on the primary (1) monitor, and it looks like its x coordinate is respected, whereas y is fixed on the upper edge of screen (1), when the program itself is on screen (2).

This bug only persists when the monitors are set vertically, for the following horizontal configuration

[ 1 ][ 2 ]

context menu works as expected.

Latest stable Zotero 4 didn't have this issue.
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    On OS X Sierra and Zotero 5.0.13 the problem is similar, but a bit more complicated.

    Assuming Zotero is on the primary screen ([ 1 ]):

    1.1 if the primary screen is below:
    [ 2 ]
    [ 1 ]
    The context menu works as intended

    1.2 if the primary screen is above
    [ 1 ]
    [ 2 ]
    The context menu works near the top of the screen, broken near the bottom.

    1.3 if the primary screen is on the right
    [ 2 ][ 1 ]
    The context menu works as intended.

    1.4 if the primary screen is on the left
    [ 1 ][ 2 ]
    The context menu works on the left half of the screen; broken on the right half.

    In other words: the problem happens near the edge where the second screen is.

    It works the same way if Zotero is on the secondary screen.

    My screens have different resolutions.
    On the smaller one (1440:900) the changing point when the errant behaviour begins seems to be almost exactly in the middle.
    On the larger one (2560:1440), it seems to be 25% from the edge of the screen
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    I have this issue on a Mac too, with vertically stacked monitors (my MacBook Air with a monitor above it).

    I spent ages trying to work out why right-click wouldn't anything, I even rebooted - it was only when I had closed Mail from my MacBook screen that I realised the context menu was appearing there instead!

    I'm using Zotero 5.0.23
  • Aah this explains some of the oddities I've been experiencing too!
    +1 — and kudos to andselisk and hypnostene for diagnosing the problem in detail.
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