[5.0.10] Group library duplicate items - erratic behavior

Testing my group library, that has only two items (both are journal article type). The two items were created by drag/drop from My Library.

If I have updated one of these items in My Library, I want to drag/drop that item again from My Library to my group library, and then merge the two identical items in the group library, keeping the old one as "master item".

Is this allowed? Asking because I can do drag/drop one of the two journal papers, but not the other.

If this is *not* allowed, is it possible to allow this until a better approach to update group library items is found? Currently, if I update an item in My Library, the same item in group library needs to be updated manually.
  • It is not currently possible to drag an item again to a library it has already been dragged to. I’m not a big fan of this behavior; I don’t think it’s helpful to act on a recognized relationship between items across libraries (by preventing duplicate dragging) unless the user can interact with that relationship in some way (e.g., by updating items or overriding the restriction).
  • I hope a near-term update allows for much better sync of items across libraries, and until then, the user must be allowed to drag and create duplicate items. I often add journal articles when first published, and at that point volume, issue, and page numbers are not assigned (though DOI is assigned). When the final version is published, I create a duplicate and then merge it to the original item. It's important to keep the original since it may have been cited in a document.
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