[Zutilo for Zotero 5.0] Cannot get to .xpi file

How do I get to download the .xpi file for Zutilo, so I can install it in Zotero 5.0?

When I go to this page, the download functions are disabled:

The GitHub page is redirecting me to the above page:
  • I'd send an e-mail to Will or ping him on github. Firefox changed the add-on pages, so you can no longer download the add-on there.
  • The change was that Zutilo didn't pass Mozilla's automatic compatibilty test for Firefox 55 (maybe they changed the test so XUL addons don't pass automatically any more), so I had to mark it as compatible manually. I marked it as compatible through Firefox 56. If there are more problems with addons.mozilla.org in the future, Zutilo can also be downloaded from the releases page on GitHub:

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