Bring back the "Z"! Zotero connector toolbar icon option

I'm enjoying Zotero 5 a lot! One option I'd like to see is to allow the toolbar icon in Firefox to always be the red "Z" rather than changing to reflect the item type. It's much easier for me to visually identify, especially when the item type icon isn't one I'm used to seeing. IMHO the main function of the icon should be to let the user add the citation to Zotero with the least cognitive effort; identifying the currently detected item type is secondary. Users who prefer the current model needn't use this option.
  • The item type icon serves the important function of indicating whether a site has a proper translator or will merely import a webpage snapshot. This behavior hasn’t really changed in Zotero 5–the import button always changed with the item type. The red Z icon was there to open the Zotero pane in Firefox, which no longer exists.

    You might find it less cognitively demanding to place the button in an easy-to-find accessible spot on your toolbar. For example, I put my directly to the right of the address bar. That way, I don’t even have to look for the icon, as it is always in a consistent and easy to find spot.
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    I am too missing the red "Z" in the toolbar. It is one of the small but anoying differences that brings the change from Z4 to Z5.
    I understand that the functionality of the old "Z" button in Z4 does not exist anymore in Z5. So no need for that button - right. Still the "Z" helps to identify where the Zotero download button is. Just a paper, book or whatever symbol is not specific enough. E.g. the Book symbol of the FF EPub-Reader add-on looks very similar (and that add-on is ported to the new web-extension API thus will survive FF57+).
    So my simple suggestion goes to the UX-developer: In my opinion it would be a good idea to put a red "Z" onto each of the icons that show which type of publication zotero detected. Not a big change but a great deal for usability.
  • In my opinion it would be a good idea to put a red "Z" onto each of the icons that show which type of publication zotero detected.
    We're planning to do this.
  • I find that placing the browser connector icon immediately beside the browser address bar helps with work flow. In my browser it's the first icon after the address bar.

    No doubt, icons can be improved but until then, maybe playing round with placement will improve the situation bit.
  • @dstillman thats good news. Thanks!
  • (we discussed the possibility of connector icon overlays at as well)
  • my zotero losted from tool bar i need your help
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