Get the bibliography of paper(s) which has not been saved in Zotero?

Dear Friends,
I encountered situation that I wanted to get the bibliography of one paper (or some papers) in the Web of Science. I don't want to save it in Zotero (firefox). I just want to get bibliography and paste to my PPT as a reference.
Do you have some ideas how can do it?
  • I've not tried it in combination with Web of Science, but the Cite This for Me browser plugin (not affiliated with Zotero, but uses the same Citation Style Language styles), is useful for generating a reference directly from a website without importing to Zotero first.

    (My general preference, though, is to always import the reference to my library, as I will likely need to cite an item again in the future and this helps to me to keep track of the sources I read/use. Some sites will also need some manually editing of the imported data before a perfectly accurate reference can be generated.)

    @dstillman Would it be possible to add an option to Quick Copy directly to the browser plugin context menu?
  • Thank you. It is useful.
  • Rintze, Thank you.
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