[Jurism] Automate PDF Import from Mac Finder

Is there any way to import PDFs (from Mac Finder, not using the Translator) into Jurism/Zotero without having to manually drag and drop the file or click on the green+ button and "store copy of file"? I'm trying to set up an automated workflow to import items I select in finder and then using mac services to import the selection or creating my own watch folder. Or if others have created scripts that do the same thing, please let me know.
  • edited August 5, 2017
    Install the Zotfile plugin. Then you can designate a folder as a “source folder” and attach the most recent file to a Zotero item through the right click menu.

    Otherwise, the best way to import PDFs is to use the Zotero browser plugin and grab them automatically when adding the item.
  • Thanks - Zotfile is useful. I was thinking more about the situation where I don't have a Zotero item yet and want to import several pdfs I've received (say, through email) and then use the recognize Metadata from PDF function.
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