You no longer have write access to the Zotero group "Kutuphane"

On Zotero 4 I shared my group library "Kutuphane" with my friend "alaves".
After Zotero 5 updates he wrote me that he got the error below. Why he did get this error. I did not change any group member setting?
Also, I delete him and add again him but he still gets the error.
You no longer have write access to the Zotero group "Kutuphane", and items you've added or edited cannot be synced to the server.
Could you help me.
Thank you.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for a sync that produces that error?
  • The Debug ID is D2005402181.
    Repor ID is 203025207
  • That shouldn't happen, but it'd be a 4.0 bug, so it's not something we can fix at this point. He'll need to update to 5.0, and if there's still an issue with that we can debug further.

    If upgrading isn't possible at the moment, a Restore from Zotero Server would also fix it, though it would wipe out any recent local data since his last sync.

    You could also temporarily give him write access to the group — it looks like his 4.0 is trying to delete about 5 tags for some reason.
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