Have the Zotero Connector on addons.mozilla.com?


Congrats on the new version of Zotero. I very much like the new split between the addon and the standalone application. However, I cannot find the Zotero Connector addons for Firefox on the official Mozilla repo: addons.mozilla.com

Why is it that Zotero is not present there? A lot of Zotero addons are there.

P.s. I have installed the addon and it works.
  • Zotero software is just not a good fit for the AMO review process, which is geared much more towards simpler extensions — which we can say from many years of experience interacting with Mozilla. While the Zotero Connector is much simpler than Zotero for Firefox was, it's still an unusually advanced extension, and we'd rather get important updates in the hands of users faster. There's also not really a need to distribute via AMO, since you have to download Zotero from this site anyway and can just download the Connector at the same time (or later via the "Install Browser Connector" option in the Tools menu).
  • Okay that makes sense. Just a technical question; will it not become a problem if the Zotero Connector is not verified by Mozilla (I do not know the process, excuse my ignorance)?

    I ask because the rbutr.com addon cannot be installed due to lack of proper verification. I fear that the same thing might happen with Zotero, thus my original question.
  • The Zotero Connector is signed. That's a separate process from review.
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    Firefox add-ons need to be "signed" by Mozilla, but this is a short automated process that developers can initiate themselves (the Zotero Connector is signed). Add-ons that are hosted on AMO need additionally to undergo extensive review by Mozilla, which can be very slow for complex add-ons, and each new version needs to undergo the same sort of review, preventing rapid releases to fix bugs.
  • Thanks to both of you for the new insights.
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