Zotero 5.0 - Database change and shared libraries with 4.0 users

edited August 2, 2017

I browsed a bit the change log and some forum posts, but I haven't seen any similar question, which is: "is safe to upgrade to Zotero 5.0, while I have shared libraries with people who, for various security reasons, cannot upgrade to the latest version, and are obliged (for a while I suppose) to continue using Zotero 4.0?

In other words, if I upgrade to 5.0 - as the changes to the database are irreversible - do these changes affect also shared libraries? hence can 5.0 users and 4.0 users still work on a shared library?

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  • The Zotero database is locally managed on each computer, so you can upgrade and this won’t affect any members of Groups who happen to still be using Zotero 4.0.

    Unless do you mean that you have multiple people using the same local database (such as on a network drive)? Such a setup is not recommended, and I would recommend switching to a Group with syncing setup.

  • Thank you for your answer; no I don't have a library shared on a network drive; I have my personal library on my PC, and a group library shared with colleagues that will still use Zotero 4.0. for some time; both libraries though are synced through Zotero, and I had some doubts that the changes in the database would be reflected somehow through the sync process, and that others could have problems accessing the group library data; but I understand then that this is not the case. So I think I can upgrade safely.
  • Yes, you can safely upgrade your database without issue.
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