Separating Publishing places with "; "

In my Citation style I would like to separate multiple publishing places with a semi-colon, it should work just like with author names, for example:

Zürich; Wien; Ney York;

how can I achieve this?
this did not work:
<text variable="publisher-place" sort-separator="; "/>

neither did this:
<text variable="publisher-place" delimiter="; "/>

I would also like to have an et-al-min rule for publishing places, meaning that in case there are more than three publishing places only the first one should be stated, followed by ...

thanks for help,
frank from austria
  • Is it really necessary to show more than one publishing place per item? Zotero assumes each item has maximally one.
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    Why not just enter the string "Zürich; Wien; Ney York" into the place field in Zotero? There's no reason why CSL needs to know about this right now, and even if it did, there isn't yet a way to add multiple publication locations in Zotero.
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    Yes, what Rinzte and sean said. This would be overkill, particularly when you consider it's possible for there to be more than one publisher. Best to keep it simple, since it works.

    Note to self: it's possible that "publisher" should be changed from a simple variable to a "name" to leave room for extension later.
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