where is my library in Word

I had a fresh install of MS Office 2013 professional. I have reinstalled the Zotero Plugin.
But the library is empty. How do I sync it with the library of my account?
  • I receive the message that Word could not communicate with Zotero..
  • When I check the firefox extentions. The screen freezes
  • Do I understand the troubleshooting page correct that if my Word software has a different email account than zotero, they can't sync?
  • OK; Word now communicates with Zotero, but in WORD I still have an empty library and not the library of my account
  • Okay. I am having a hard time following what exactly is the problem. Do you have the Standalone Zotero program installed? If so, when you open Zotero, can you see your library?
  • Hello I am having the same problem. I too reinstalled the Zotero plugin for Word (I am using Mac OS). And my library is empty. I also restored Firefox so I don't know if the problem comes from that. I too received the message that Word could not communicate with Zotero. I read on the troubleshooting pages that I should check if Zotero is looking in the right direction for my library. But when I go to the Advanced pane of Zotero preferences, there is no chosen directory and I don't know how to choose one. I tried to make it go to the zotero.sqlit file that I found somewhere on my computer but it doesn't want to take it as a directory. I don't really understand what I am supposed to choose a data directory. Could you please help me ? I have very important data in my library and it would be awful if I lost it and could not get it back.
  • To be clear, Word just uses your Zotero library, so Word isn't really relevant here — you just need a working Zotero library on your computer. If you're using Zotero for Firefox and reset Firefox, see Restore After Firefox Reset.
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