Many important bugs with zotero 5.0.7


I noticed many bugs with zotero 5.0.7

1) Bug linked to internal link (zotero://select/items and (zotero://open-pdf)
I'm using internal link in my zotero notes that points to other zotero notes (zotero://select/items/1_...) or to some pdf pages (zotero://open-pdf/0_…). When syncing, sometimes these links are removed.
I tried to find what trigger that issue. Most of the time the links aren't stripped. It sometimes heppen after a sync conflict but sometumes not.

2) Bug with edit in separate windows:
When I edit a note open in a separate windows, the changed aren't always applied to the same note shown in the zotero panel. I edited the pop up note, and closed it, and the changes are lost.

3) Bugs with sync and conflict:
Sometime we both edit a same note, this should raise a conflict.
bug 3.1: Sometimes the conflict is raised and one the notes is update without warnings.
bug 3.2: Sometimes the conflict popup is opened (which is what is expected) but the version that is loaded after in the note isn’t the version choosen in the conflict popup : if I choose the local version, sometimes the remote version is loaded.

We are 2 people working on 2 different computers (thus with 2 different local zotero.sqlite), but working on the same zotero account (same “online” db). We both use zotero 5.0.7 and works on Windows 10.

We did not manage to find what trigger the deletion of the internal links, nor when or why sometimes the edit in separate windows aren’t saved nor what caused the problems with sync.

Those are serious issue. I lost hours and probably days of work, I don't know how many links were deleted, and how many changed made in separate windows have been lost…

  • Sorry for the trouble. I've just made a change that will hopefully fix the internal link issue in notes — let us know if you see that again. We'll look into the other two issues. If you can identify precise steps to reproduce either (particularly the external note window one), that would be great.
  • And if you do see the external note window issue again, even if you're not sure how to reproduce it, a Report ID from before you restart would be helpful.
  • Until we have steps to reproduce this, one thing we can do in the meantime is crash the note if we detect that it's not saving properly, to make sure that it doesn't allow typing in a broken state. We'll do that for 5.0.8.
  • Thanks a lot for your reactivity.

    Concerning the link removal I will keep you updated if the bug comes back.

    Concerning bug 3.2 : I could reproduce it with the debug on. The Debug ID is D629533027.

    This is what we did:
    User1 creates a note and adds User1 in it. User1 syncs and then User2 syncs : so far not problem.

    Then at the same times, User1 adds another User1 text in note and User2 adds User2 in the notes. User2 syncs first and just after User1 syncs. This creates a conflict for User1 as expected.

    User1 chooses the local note (with User1 User1 in it). But the note that is loaded is the note of User2 with User1 User2 in it.

    I found another 2 bugs on the way: removing/reassigning color to tags
    Bug #4.1: Both user1 and user2 remove all the color of all the “colored tags” (but keep the tags). Then user1 and user2 follows the steps described above (create a note to create a conflict). User1 chooses the local note but the remote note is loaded. At the same time that the remote note is loaded and the (removed) colored tags reappear. when user1 apply the edit made by user 2.

    Bug #4.2: User1 removes all the color of all the “colored tags” (but keep the tags) and reassign the color to others (new) tags. After restarting zotero, the color tags are all the previous tags for which the color has been remove AND all the new tags for which the color has been reassign. So now, there are twice too many colored tags: 2 tags in red, 2 tags in blue etc.)

  • I could reproduce bug 2 (edit in separate note not taken in account). The Debug ID is D537739162.

    This is what we did:
    User1 creates a note and syncs then User2 syncs and gets the new note: so far no problems.
    User1 opens the note in a separate window, edits it in the separate window and syncs it (let’s call this “sync1”). Meanwhile User2 also edits the note and syncs the note just after User1 did the sync1. User2 gets a conflict (as expected). User1 doesn’t get a conflict (as expected). The edit user1 adds to the note in a separate window from now on (so after the sync1) are not anymore passed down to the note in zotero main window.

    It’s possible that the bug also happens when there is not conflict but I couldn't reproduce that.
  • edited August 1, 2017
    Bug1 (the internal link like zotero://select/items and zotero://open-pdf are removed) came back today.

    I just open a existing note and all the internal links have been removed (all the links were still there yesterday afternoon).

    I lost another day of work. Please tell us when zotero will accept these internal links so I won't spent days adding links that keep being removed
  • edited August 1, 2017
    Yes, really sorry about that — this was happening for a couple hours after some old code was reactivated. It should be fixed now (let me know if not), and we'll make sure this doesn't happen in the future.
  • Thanks a lot!
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