[JURIS-M] Syncing across 2 computers? Attached files cannot be found despite proper setup?

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Hi all,

I know there are several questions out there already floating around concerning syncing across multiple computers, but after spending the entire day with no improvements I have decided to turn to the forums again.

I have mainly been using Juris-M standalone on a Mac laptop, and installed a standalone on my Windows PC desktop in order to access from both places. I do NOT use Zotero storage, I have it hooked up to my Dropbox account. All the citation data synced perfectly onto my Windows but whenever I try to click on the PDF attachment a pop-up appears with the prompt "The attached file could not be found.It may have been moved or deleted outside of Zotero."

The Dropbox file configuration is identical on both computers, I have both the Base Directories set up to my Dropbox folder and have left my Data Directory location as is on the use profile directory option. My Zotfile Preferences also have my dropbox as the custom "Source Folder for Attaching new Files" as well as for the "Location of Files." Other than that I do not think I have messed with any of the other settings.

The link below is a screenshot of what my PDF attachments look like in my Library:

Unfortunately this is a slightly urgent matter, and any help would be appreciated!
  • All but one of those PDFs look like they exist (filled circle). Is that not the case?

    If you provide a Debug ID for trying to open a PDF that's not found, we can tell you where it's looking (or you can see yourself in the debug output).
  • @dstillman: Oops sorry about that, that was a bad screenshot, I had forgotten that I had previously gone in and manually re-located those files. After fiddling around some more I just realized, is the problem the way I have been attaching my PDFs...? In the first screencap I have just been dragging and dropping my PDF into a collection and then subsequently just dragging and dropping it under a citation folder.

    As opposed to what it looks like in this second screenshot where I created a citation on my mac and then pressed cmd+option while dropping the PDF to make it a linked attachment. When I did it this way I was able to without problems open the PDF on my PC.

    Working on providing the Debug ID, but saying it has a invalid response. Will post ID shortly.
  • I keep getting "Invalid response from server" when I try to submit it, even after going into Open about:config and changing the value.

    But here is the debug output:
    1501442209304 addons.manager WARN Exception calling callback: TypeError: aAddon is null (chrome://zotfile/content/zotfile.js:97:20) JS Stack trace: Zotero.ZotFile.init/<@zotfile.js:97:21 < safeCall@AddonManager.jsm:173:5 < getAddonByID_noMoreObjects@AddonManager.jsm:2116:9 < AOC_callNext@AddonManager.jsm:305:7 < getAddonByID_safeCall@AddonManager.jsm:2111:13 < PL_getAddon@PluginProvider.jsm:126:7 < callProviderAsync@AddonManager.jsm:235:12 < getAddonByID_nextObject@AddonManager.jsm:2106:1 < AOC_callNext@AddonManager.jsm:311:7 < getAddonByID_safeCall@AddonManager.jsm:2111:13 < GMPProvider.getAddonByID@GMPProvider.jsm:577:7 < callProviderAsync@AddonManager.jsm:235:12 < getAddonByID_nextObject@AddonManager.jsm:2106:1 < AOC_callNext@AddonManager.jsm:311:7 < getAddonByID_safeCall@AddonManager.jsm:2111:13 < LightweightThemeManager_getAddonByID@LightweightThemeManager.jsm:423:7 < callProviderAsync@AddonManager.jsm:235:12 < getAddonByID_nextObject@AddonManager.jsm:2106:1 < AOC_callNext@AddonManager.jsm:311:7 < getAddonByID_safeCall@AddonManager.jsm:2111:13 < getAddonByID_getVisibleAddonForID@XPIProvider.jsm:3824:7 < makeSafe/<@XPIProviderUtils.js:145:17 < getRepositoryAddon@XPIProviderUtils.js:126:5 < this.XPIDatabase.getAddon/<@XPIProviderUtils.js:1074:9 < Handler.prototype.process@Promise-backend.js:867:23 < this.PromiseWalker.walkerLoop@Promise-backend.js:746:7 < this.PromiseWalker.scheduleWalkerLoop/<@Promise-backend.js:688:37

    [JavaScript Error: "Component returned failure code: 0x80520006 (NS_ERROR_FILE_TARGET_DOES_NOT_EXIST) [nsIZipReader.getInputStream]" {file: "chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/schema.js" line: 711}]

    Signature Verification Error: the signature on this .jar archive is invalid because the certificate used to sign this file has an unrecognized issuer.

    1501442875009 addons.update-checker WARN Update manifest for jurismOpenOfficeIntegration@juris-m.github.io did not contain an updates property

    [JavaScript Error: "undefined entity" {file: "https://juris-m.github.io/zotfile/update.rdf" line: 6 column: 27 source: " <title>Page not found · GitHub Pages"}]

    [JavaScript Error: "undefined entity" {file: "https://juris-m.github.io/zotfile/update.rdf" line: 6 column: 27 source: " Page not found · GitHub Pages"}]

    [JavaScript Error: "undefined entity" {file: "https://juris-m.github.io/download/standalone/update/ (x64)/update.xml" line: 6 column: 27 source: " Page not found · GitHub Pages"}]

    [JavaScript Error: "undefined entity" {file: "https://juris-m.github.io/download/standalone/update/ (x64)/update.xml" line: 6 column: 27 source: " Page not found · GitHub Pages"}]

    [JavaScript Error: "undefined entity" {file: "https://juris-m.github.io/download/standalone/update/ (x64)/update.xml" line: 6 column: 27 source: " Page not found · GitHub Pages"}]

    version =>, platform => Win32, oscpu => Windows NT 6.1; WOW64, locale => en-US, appName => Zotero, appVersion =>
    (2)(+0074845): Attachment file 'C:\Users\Nicole\AppData\Roaming\Juris-M\Zotero\Profiles\h48fd5sz.default\zotero\storage\9PBT2G2F\Mufti, Aamir R. (2016) Orientalisms and world literature.pdf' not found

    (5)(+0009118): [jurism] SELECT IA.itemID FROM itemAttachments IA NATURAL JOIN items I LEFT JOIN itemData ID ON (IA.itemID=ID.itemID AND fieldID=1) LEFT JOIN itemDataValues IDV ON (ID.valueID=IDV.valueID) WHERE sourceItemID=? AND linkMode NOT IN (?) AND IA.itemID NOT IN (SELECT itemID FROM deletedItems) ORDER BY mimeType='application/pdf' DESC, value=? DESC, dateAdded ASC

    (5)(+0000001): [jurism] Binding parameter 1 of type int: 278
    (5)(+0000000): [jurism] Binding parameter 2 of type int: 3
    (5)(+0000000): [jurism] Binding parameter 3 of type string: ""
  • Oh, I was under the impression that this was Zotero, not Juris-M. I can't help you with the latter.
  • @dstillman: Darn, alright, thank you anyways though. Do you know if I should be posting in a Juris-M specific forum or...?
  • Tagging @fbennett, who might come along to help. (Also good to put "[Juris-M]" in your thread title.)
  • @dks1570,

    Sorry for the delay in responding.

    Upgrading to Juris-m 5.0 will be the way to fix this.

    The code for JM5 is ready. I've built the versions for Linux and Mac, and Windows will be out later today. I'll ping back to this thread when it's available.
  • @fbennett: Sorry for the late response, but yes keep me posted! Thanks!
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    same here. Had to move to jurism standalone because of FF update. pdf attached on jurism standalone on mac no longer sync. No changes to webdav (not Dropbox) or zotero sync settings. Set-up used to work flawlessly for 3+ years under Firefox. System A: Jurism FF54.0.1 System B: Jurism Standalone
  • @duncdrum Is this the sync issue you were chasing?
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