zotero://select/items does not work anymore


I've built a great workflow in my work using the zotero://select/items URL scheme, so I can refer back to an article in Zotero while working elsewhere. However, with Zotero 5, this URL scheme seems to have stopped working. When I click on such a link, for example "zotero://select/items/0_JB8Y24H3", then Zotero responds (it pops in frontmost window) but it does not select the article. Is there something I'm missing ? If some change was made on the item IDs, where could I get the information to get it working again ?

Thank your very much

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    Me, either. It doesn't work.
    In addition, when I paste a zotero-select-link, hyperlink is not made automatically.

  • I noticed this too--the link launches Zotero Standalone but doesn't select the item.

    It's possible that what's broken is the select/items command. I haven't tried this yet, but the Zotfile plugin also uses the zotero:// URL scheme to open a PDF at a particular location, and apparently it works from external apps too:

    Zotfile was recently updated for compatibility with Zotero 5, but I doubt that the export translator that creates the select/items URL scheme is going to be updated.

  • Thanks — this is already fixed for the next version (5.0.8). You can get the fix now in the latest 5.0 Beta.
  • Many thanks, it works again now :-)
  • I just installed BBT to create zotero-select-links and I am experiencing the same issue as described above: Upon clicking the link, zotero main window opens but the item is not selecte. I am using Zotero Standalone 5.0.47 on a Windows.
    Can anybody help? Thank you in advance!
  • Do they work if you generate them using the Zutilo plugin?
  • That solveds the first part of the issue, thank you bwiernik!
    Zutilo works fine to create these zotero-select-links and when I copy a link in a browser window and execute it, Zotero opens and selects the right item.
    But links don't work when I paste them into a word file, for instance. This issue is currently also discussed here:

    Anyway, Zutilo appears to be quite a handy little add-on, I am surprised I didn't came across that one before. I always wanted to edit multiple tags at once...
  • What is the difference between the BBT-generated links and the Zutilo-generated links?
  • Zotero changed the format in Zotero 5. Did you update? Old format was supposed to still work, but perhaps there is a bug?
  • I think I've updated somewhere along the line, but if @moritz_heber says they don't work, I've probably done something wrong
  • My links look like zotero://select/items/${id}, where ${id} is either the item key (for local library) or groupID_key (for group libraries)
  • Hi guys, I dont't know if this is of any help, but I created select-links with BBT and Zutilo of several items and I noticed a systematic difference between the two (note that the links created with BBT will open Zotero, but not jump to the correct item, while this works with Zutilo): The item-ID in the link created with Zutilo starts with "1_", that is missing in the links created with BBT. See example below:

    Zutilo: zotero://select/items/1_D4QTA4IR
    BBT: zotero://select/items/D4QTA4IR

    Maybe this is just a very simple bug to fix in BBT?
  • That's simple to fix (even if I thought that BBT format was supposed to work). If you could head over to https://github.com/retorquere/zotero-better-bibtex/issues we could work it out.
  • Is it possible to select multiple items with one url?
  • It does not appear so using any of the usual methods for adding parameters to a URI
  • Hi everybody,
    I just wanted to let you know that the issue regarding BBT I described earlier has disappeared with the latest BBT update.
    Thank you!
  • I have been trying to link Zotero references to my OneNote notes. I use the stand alone version of Zotero.

    I can retrieve the item_id using using the output of the File Export : Item URI command on the context menu. That is, I get something like

    These links to the online Zotero database work fine within OneNote and also from the address bar of my web browser.

    I can take the yyyyyyy item_id and insert it into zotero://select/library/items/ to give me


    This works fine (i.e. it loads Zotero if necessary and goes to the correct item) when I insert it into the address bar of my browser, but it doesn't work from within OneNote. I assume this is because OneNote isn't set up to handle web addresses, but not this sort of address.

    I realize this isn't really a Zotero issue, bur rather a OneOne issue. But I don't really understand how the ://select/ command works, or even whether OneNote can be set up to handle this sort of command. Can anyone point me to a reference that explains how ://select works in Windows?

    I also have the feeling that Zutilo can automate the creation of the zotero:// address, but I'm not sure I fully understand Zutilo and how it works. Does it achieve this automation and allow you to create the zotero:// command?

    I'm not really a technically oriented user, so I would be grateful for any advice and links. I can see some bits of the puzzle in front of me, but I'm not quite sure how to assemble the pieces and solve the puzzle. And it would be nice to link my notes in OneNote to my references in standalone Zotero

    Stephen Yeo
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