Downgrading from Zotero 5 to 4


I upgraded to Zotero 5 on my Linux Mint machine, but I realized afterwards that Better Bib Latex is not compatible, and I rely on it to generate Cite Keys. While that issue is being resolved, I wonder if there is a way to keep my data directory and settings and plug-ins and just downgrade to zotero 4?

I tried using:

> sudo apt-get install zotero-standalone=

But it says no version of is available on my system. Which is confirmed when I run:

> apt-cache showpkg zotero-standalone

Where the only version of zotero on my system to downgrade to is my current one (5.0.4).
  • Make a backup copy of your Zotero data directory (default for Zotero 5 is ~/Zotero).

    Then, download and install Zotero over Zotero 5.0.

    In your Zotero data directory, find zotero.sqlite.77.bak (this is the backup of your Z4.0 database before upgrading). Delete/rename zotero.squlite and then rename zotero.sqlite.77.bak to zotero.sqlite.

    You should be running Zotero with your pre-upgrade data.
  • A doubt: if zotero.sqlite.77.bak is a backup of Zotero 4, does this mean that by downgrading I am also losing all the items that I have included in the database once I upgraded to Zotero 5?
  • If you're fully in sync in 5.0, the new items will sync back down to 4.0.
  • Ok, so it's all based on having a complete online synch. I definitely don't have it, as my library consists of 42.000 items library and obviously I don't synch the pdf attachments. Under these circumstances, I fear that downgrading is no option. I wish I had known it before.
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    You can alternatively sort by Date Added, export recent items to Zotero RDF, and import into 4.0, though you'll lose the link to those items in word processor documents.
  • Thanks, that's actually an excellent idea!
  • That's a doubt I am having. I don't have Zotero on sync and I worry that going back to Z 4 I won't be able to read my files. Is that the case?
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    @kasimt : did you read bwiernik's comment above: ?
    A sync would be useful to keep (more exactly, bring back) items added after your upgrade to Zotero 5.0.
  • I have been slow in making this downgrade. I am trying to follow @bwiernik 's advice about renaming zotero.sqlite.77.bak. But I don't find the file in my zotero directory. Any advice on how to proceed?
  • BetterBibTeX is now Zotero 5 compatible, so I’d recommend just sticking with Zotero 5.
  • oh wow. I didn't realize. Thanks.
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